BitChart News Services

BitCharts provides a host of news and media distribution services for the emerging cryptocurrency market. What is lacking in the crypto currency market currently is a source for news and information for both investors and traders to make informed decisions on. BitCharts assist smaller market cap coins in gaining greater exposure for their crypto coins or tokens through online profiles, interviews, videos, white paper distribution, investor conferences, and recent news updates to assist in bringing in greater transparency to the crypto market.

If you are a company involved in the crypto currency market and seeking to expand your media exposure and distribution please feel free to contact us at

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Mobile and Cloud Applications

BitCharts, through its parent company AppSwarm, Inc. (OTC:SWRM), can provide a suite of both mobile and web based applications to enhance transparency and use of crypto companies through such unique products as digital wallets, tracking app for your particular coin, mobile payment solutions, data analytics, and much much more.

Let our team of mobile application specialists help customize services to assist your company in becoming a standard with both end-users and developers.

If you have interest in developing a customized crypto tracking app for your coin or token please contact us at