Get the App!, which is a development of AppSwarm™ , Inc (OTC:SWRM), aims to be a central hub for cryptocurrency investors and traders to learn and share information about different cryptocurrencies trading today.


We will work to provide a central hub of news and information for this emerging market, and how investors can take advantage by learning more about these new and smaller digital currencies.

FUTURE UPDATES will work to incorporate features such as chat, investor forums to share user insights, and of course our new Bitchart Mobile App (beta) is available for download on iTunes below.



Get real-time Bitcoin (BTC) quotes and Intraday, 1-day, 1-week, and Monthly charts right on your smartphone.


As of September, 2022 BitCharts is undergoing updates and maintenance. Stay tuned for the new version release date!

We will be adding new features to our newsfeed to alert traders on new smaller Alt Coin’s on the move, and other exciting updates.

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